Palladium shopping center parking regulations

April , 2022

Palladiummall shopping center, which relies on the trust of its customers, has always tried to seek this great capital in the eyes of its customers. In this regard, Palladium customer club, while being grateful for the companionship and loyalty of regular customers, in a more service and a new step in the field of customer orientation, has launched a VIP parking (special parking for customers) in a way that provides comfort and peace to the respected customers. Let’s value the precious time of those loved ones. Therefore, the terms and conditions of using the special parking lot for Palladium customers and its services are announced as follows:
• The condition of using the VIP parking service is to be a member of the customer club, to have a club membership card and a VIP parking card.
• The use of special parking is done at the request of dear customers and while completing, signing the present regulations, after which the special parking card will be delivered.
• Respected customers can hand over the switch of their car to the drivers of the traffic control area for parking, or park their car in the specified places with the guidance of the parking traffic control personnel.
• If the customers leave their car park with the delivery of the switch to the specified drivers, the car will be parked by the drivers in the specified place and the switch will be kept in a special place until the time of return, if the customers wish. Otherwise, the switch will be delivered to the customer. In order to assure the customers, all the angles of the car will be photographed with dedicated cameras at the time of arrival and at the parking place.
• Delivery of the car depends on having the switch card with you, so be diligent in keeping it and if for any reason the said card is lost, immediately inform the customer club counter or call +9821 (+9821) 22022753. After verifying the ownership, the car will be delivered.
• After presenting the switch card, the car will be delivered to the customer by the driver. If the customer claims that there is possible damage to the car, this should be reported to the parking lot management before delivery, otherwise the delivery of the car means that there is no damage.
• Special parking services are launched and offered only in order to honor more customers and appreciate their loyalty, and Palladium can make the necessary changes in the definition, terms and conditions of use based on its facilities (while notifying the official sources of Palladium) or Cancel it.
• If you have expensive items inside your car, before getting out of the car and handing it over to the driver, take those things out of the car and hand them over to the customer club located at p1. It is obvious that in case of missing objects inside the car, the responsibility depends on proving the loss claim.
• Palladiummall shopping center has concluded a civil liability insurance contract number 20/9984/245/1/2858/1396 dated 02/25/1396 with Iran Insurance Company in order to reassure you, dear customers, that in case of any damage Compensation for damage to your car or third parties is done through Iran Insurance Company.
• Notification of Palladiummall customer club services is done only through official sources of Palladium (website and official pages of Palladium in the social networks of Palladium shopping center which is specified on the website).
In the end, while appreciating and thanking the faithful customers for their cooperation, it is worth mentioning that all the above rules, which are presented in the form of the VIP parking regulations of the customer club, are aimed at providing better services to the esteemed members, and we hope that with God’s blessings, let’s take a small step in serving our companions.