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Circuit management is one of the basic principles of Palladium shopping center and the use of collection management systems. Based on this, the Palladiummall Club has been established since 2016 with the ultimate goal. Palladium Customer Club is proud to receive positive feedback from its services to date and try to meet the needs of customers. In the Palladium shopping center, there are many units (of different categories), members of the customer club, and each of these businesses has a specific and customized point rule based on the conditions of that business.

In this way, the member units of the club specified an amount for the minimum amount of purchase to receive points, which is called the scoring rule, which is different in every business. By purchasing a specified amount and presenting the club card to the desired unit, the customer can spend at any member unit. The scoring pattern in the liquor clubs is designed in such a way that the pleasure of enjoying the necessary points can be obtained and this issue is accepted as a higher attraction for them.

In this text, there is also information about which of the club members to spend their points on. It means that you can receive points by receiving services or making purchases from a club member unit, and do not spend those points in another unit. It should be noted that in some units, special hours have been set aside for more points, where more points are recorded for the purchase limit of points in the specified time period.

For example, in the supermarket on Thursdays, Fridays and holidays, out of respect for other customers who are members of the customer club, so that they don’t wait in queues, points are not registered after 17:00. On the other hand, to compensate for not registering points during the mentioned hours, special conditions are considered on all days of the week by shopping from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Palladiummall Supermarket. According to club policy, points expire in March of each year. As a result, they should not spend their points within a one-year period.

Also, the customer club offers special services in various plans to preserve and maintain documents and honor them.

The customer club hopes to provide quality service to customers and members of the club in the best way in this direction.

Palladiummall Customers Club

Members of the Palladium Shopping Center customer club


12 points per 1000/000 Tomans


5 points for every 50,000 Tomans


1 point for every 10,000 Tomans


1 point for every 10,000 Tomans

Katsu Japanese restaurant

2 points for every 50,000 Tomans

Saedi Nia Sohan

5 points for every 100/000 Tomans


50 points for purchases over 300,000 Tomans


100 points for every 4000/000 Tomans


60 points for every 3000/000 Tomans


50 points for every 1000/000 Tomans


5 points for every 250/000 Tomans


1 point for every 100/000 Tomans

Iranshahi Gold Jewellery

10 points for every 1000/000 Tomans

Raees Coffee

2 points for every 25,000 Tomans

Dey Restaurant

4 points for every 100/000 Tomans


15 points for every 2000/000 Tomans


10 points for every 1000/000 Tomans

9 am to 1 pm 15 points

Bunch Pastry Boutique

5 points for every 100/000 Tomans

10 points from 8 am to 12 noon

Cafe Blvd

2 points for every 150/000 tomans

Saturday to Wednesday from 7 pm to 12 pm 4 points

Dastan Nuts

10 points for every 1000/000 Tomans

12 noon to 6 pm 20 points

Dr. Randall Dentist

200 points for every 4 million Tomans
South ninth floor, unit 930
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