Regulations of the customers club

April , 2022

Palladium Customer Club relies on the trust of its customers and has always tried to seek this great capital in the eyes of its customers. Palladium’s customer club was established in order to appreciate the companionship and loyalty of its regular customers to reflect the belief that Palladium hosts customers. A host in the style of Iranian values and a new step in the field of customer orientation in dear Iran, which, like in the past, becomes meaningful with your presence and company.

The customer club consists of commercial and administrative units that have accepted membership in this club through a contract and are required to comply with the rules and regulations mentioned in the contract.

Goals and policies

The purpose of the customer club is more interaction between the member units and the customers of the collection in such a way as to prove the loyalty of the customer club to the loyal customers by providing special services and to maintain their presence in the collection. All these services are aimed at achieving the goals of Palladium, which is customer orientation.

Membership in the customer club

Registration in the customer club is possible by presenting invoices that total 50,000,000 Rials within a two-week period; It should be noted that the purchase must be from the member units of the customer club and the card is ready to be delivered to the dear customers within 48 working hours. It should be noted that invoices used for registration and card issuance and customer invoices before card issuance are not included in the points registration law.

Card delivery

Due to the Riyal value of the points and maintaining the personal information of the customers, the delivery of the card is possible only by providing valid identification documents (national card, birth certificate, certificate).

The member units of the club give points to customers who have a customer club card for their purchases.

Points are equivalent to cash, and customers can spend points equivalent to Rials for purchasing and using the services of units that are parties to the customer club contract, and each point on the card is equal to 10,000 Rials.

Only one transaction is done in each invoice, only registration or spending of points.

2 important things regarding the limitations of supermarkets:

1- It is not possible to register points for customers who do not have a customer club card with them after closing the invoice.

2- Points can be registered on Thursdays, Fridays and official holidays only until 5:00 p.m.

All the mentioned items are only due to the ease of buying customers and improving services to them.

In order to receive information and news of the customer club, the possibility of using the Palladium website and social networks (Telegram channel and Instagram page) has been provided for customers, and the list of units, which includes the scoring method and their special conditions, has been made available. . In order to receive information about the balance of the account, an SMS and Internet system has been installed so that customers who wish to receive the account balance, balance or change the card password can enter their personal profile through the Internet system listed on the back of the card or through the Palladium website. so that they can take the necessary actions.

The customer club’s SMS system is 10008288. If customers request that SMS not be sent to them, they should SMS the number 100845 to this system, and if they want to resend SMS, text the word CLUB to this system.

After giving the card to the customer, all the responsibilities of keeping the card are the responsibility of the customer. If the card becomes normal, the information on the card is erased, the barcode is erased, the customers should inform the customer club as soon as possible so that the necessary corrections can be made, and also if the customer feels the need, by submitting a request to Customers club is able to issue a joint card for the same user account, which is for the well-being of customers and the simultaneous use of the same user account by family members. (The time frame for issuing a new card is 48 hours).

In order to prevent abuse and problems, all requests will be followed up with authentication.

In the end, the contact numbers 22663066 and 22663077 are responsive for any criticisms and suggestions and to hear the voices of customers during working hours.